Our Office

We are committed to providing quality care in a trusting and friendly environment, where state of the art dentistry is personalized to meet the unique requirements of each of our patients. As a private, dentist-owned practice, patient care is not dictated by the constraints of a mass marketed dental corporation or cost driven insurance industry. Rest assured that in choosing our family dental practice, every patient is given the time and attention necessary to explore dental concerns and to develop a relationship with the professionals entrusted with their care. 

Our service is not just limited to dental cleanings, fillings, crowns and bridges. Your dental care begins with a thorough examination, including digital x-rays and photos, as necessary. Treatment plans are developed using a variety of tooth restoration options including dental fillings, bridges, implants, and time saving – one appointment Cerec crowns. Patients can also take advantage of a variety of tooth whitening and veneer options to enhance their appearance and confidence. 

We look forward to you joining our growing family of satisfied dental patients and invite you to contact our office to discuss creative care options that meet your dental and financial needs.